Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled What does the Fox say? Not Moshi Moshi apparently...

So i'm channel hopping and I land on some show where guy has picked up a ringing phone and goes 'moshi, moshi...'

Now i don't speak hardly any japanese but this made me curious as to what he was saying and I always like picking up new words so off to google i go...only to be met with this:

I have heard it in a couple of different places, but it could just as easily be a nasty rumor (probably spread around by a fox). Foxes, at least in Japanese fairy tales, are sneaky little buggers. They do things like turn into beautiful women, marry you, then screw you over (detect any spite in my words? You should.). They steal stuff, they mess with important things, and in general, are pretty tricky. Apparently, one reason "Moshi Moshi" is used, is because it's difficult to say for a fox. So, if you say it on the phone, you can confirm whether or not you're getting tricked. This works on telemarketers as well.


That. Is. Awesome.

I think its actually going to replace my using 'Ahoy hoy'...

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