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What endings do you just love?

It always sucks to get to the end of something you really enjoy, whether that thing is a game, book, movie, what have you. But sometimes those endings are so good (or so surreal) that you can't help but love them. Warning: spoilers abound here.

I have two. Both of them from two of my favorite video games ever and both just silly and goofy beyond belief.

First, the ending to Portal 2.

First, you have Chell shooting a freaking Portal on to the moon and getting sucked into space. That is .... pure insanity. GLaDOS' speech about how killing her is too much trouble, the turret fakeout, the song they sing as Chell leaves, the burnt companion cube being spit out at the last second, the credits, Wheatley in space.


I love absolutely everything about this ending. Except the part where we don't ever get Portal 3, but I gave up on that (and Half-Life 3) a LOOOONG time ago (Valve doesn't like to make money, apparently).

Second, the "Dog Ending" from Silent Hill 2.

(Okay, it's freaking amazing that I couldn't find this in English. I know it's only one line but still)

You know, with all the sick, twisted, and demented stuff I've seen in Silent Hill games, I can actually easily accept that this Shiba was behind it all. But yeah, this ending makes no sense. and honestly, I couldn't care less.

.........Oh alright, I also love the "In Water" ending.

I know it isn't the happiest of the endings, but I thought it was the perfect ending for the game and for James.

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