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What Exactly Do You Want From The Future Of Comic-Book Films?

It’s plainly obvious that we are in a craze of superhero films, both animated and live-action. However, anyone who follows movie news closely may have likely heard the controversy over the lack of representation of Black Widow in merchandise. This led some to wonder whether or not there should be a Black Widow solo film.


The problem of course is that Marvel, along with both DC and Valiant have already planned out what direction the films will take and which characters will get their own films. This means it is unlikely we’ll see a Black Widow until at least 2020, which by then there may be no Black Widow in the MCU.

As such, for a little bit of fun, here are two questions about the future of comic-book movies:

  1. Do you feel Marvel, DC & Valiant are being too strict with their movie choices and should listen to audience and fan feedback when deciding on which heroes should appear or have their own films?
  2. In your personal opinion, how do you think the DC and Marvel films should progress and what films & heroes would you want to see?

For myself:

With Marvel, probably the most obvious to anyone who has been fallowing recent events is that there really should be a Black Widow Movie in Phase 3, replacing Thor: Ragnarök or Inhumans if need be to give it enough space and resources. I would also merge the Two Infinity War films into one and make it the last film in the phase 3 group.


For DC, I’ve already discussed on how I feel that DC should have taken a more fantastical approach to their film series and be the Lord of the Rings to Marvel’s Star Wars. That isn’t to say that I have a problem with the grim and dark approach they have chosen. Far from it, I think it can work if done right. But I think they missed an excellent opportunity to do something very special.

As such, here is an alternate universe listing of what could of been if I was in charge (god help those people):

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