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What Fantasy Novel would you like to see made into a movie?

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And who would you have as the Director? the Writer? the Star?

As i was reading Charlie Jane's article over at io9 .com, i started to consider this very question. there is such a wealth of truely great fantasy material out there. which of them would make the next great fantasy movie films?


So here is the question O-Deck:

If you were the head of Observation films what Fantasy novels would you green light to be translated onto the big screen?


you can choose the creators (writers, director, etc) and your stars. you can even choose your budget if you are so inclined.

my choice for example:

Movie(s): The Icewind dale trilogy (only those three the Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, the Halfling's gem)


Director : Darren Arnofsky (i had a hard time with this since any of the other directors like Ron Howard or Guillermo Del Toro would just be almost rehashing for them)

Screenwriter: R.A. Salvatore (since he knows the source material so well)

Star: I can't even begin to think of whom could star in an epic like this, though i would like to think that adding unknown actors to this would make it better.


Budget: 50 to 75 million tops

Okay ya'll's turn

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