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What fantasy world do you love that you NEVER want to visit?

I got to thinking today about made up cities. There are a lot of really awesome fantasy and sci-fi places out there. The Shire would be beautiful. Halloweentown would be awesome. The Citadel would be high tech fun times. Hogwarts would never be rid of me! Wonderland! Ankh-Morpork! Then there are those made up places that I love with every beat of my heart that I would never, ever, in a million years, EVER want to visit.

Bioshock is my favorite video game series of all time but you could not pay me to set foot in either Rapture or Columbia. Both are insanely beautiful, mindboggingly made cities and despite how lovely they are, both are diseased ruins on the brink of collapse. Plus I would be dead so fast.


Speaking of dead, the world of Mad Max: Fury Road is completely awesome and I would die within the first fifteen minutes of arriving.

So what made up places do you absolutely love that you would never, ever want to visit?

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