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What goes around doesn’t always come around on Intruders

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The first season of Intruders concluded this week. Should the show should be bricked up in a wall or allowed to return for another season? Spoilers ahead.


"There Is No End" leaves plenty of questions for another season. Will Jack agree to become Jack Shepherd*? I'm pretty sure Richard has instructions to kill Jack if he refuses. Marcus seems to gone for good but what's the deal with the apparent resurrected gang banger that Jack killed?

Assorted other thoughts:

  • As I expected the first season covered the book (though the book finishes that scene with Richard and Jack**) so if there is another season the show will be going its own way.
  • Apparently there is only one police detective for the whole city of Seattle.
  • Amy seems to be completely gone. I'm not sure how much Rose would trust Jack if he becomes a Shepherd. And Richard also has some unresolved stuff with Amy.
  • We got to see how triggers are made when Rose made one for Bix. What happened to him anyway?

*Not to be confused with Jack Shepard.

**Book Spoiler - Jack turns down the offer and kills Richard. But I expect Glen Morgan wants to keep Richard around.


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