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What has Agent Cooper been doing for the last 25 years?

When we last left Coop, he had bashed his head into a bathroom mirror, asking, "How's Annie? How's Annie?", over and over again, laughing just like I do when I drop acid and watch America's Funniest Home Videos while repeatedly hitting my forehead with hammer. Of course, this isn't really Cooper we are seeing but Killer BOB who took possession of the coffee swilling, cherry pie loving, FBI agent's soul while he was in the Black Lodge.

Interestingly, in the newly released Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery box set, there are 90 minutes of deleted scenes from the motion picture Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me which includes, among many other things, this sequence which expands on the iconic final scene of the TV series:

The implication here is that Coop has entered into a fugue state not unlike that of Laura Palmer's father, Leland, who ——- SPOILERS ——— was also possessed by Killer Bob and molested and killed his own daughter while under his malevolent influence. God knows how long Agent Cooper has been compromised by the evil alter-ego of Frank Silva whose acting career sadly ended in 1995 when he passed away at the all too young age of 45. Has BOB been inside Cooper for a quarter of a century? If not will we learn how Coop exorcised this demon on the mortal plane and restored his soul after saving Laura Palmer's from the dark grip of the Black Lodge? Maybe the new Twin Peaks will get all timey wimey and it is an aging Cooper who must go back and free Laura 25 years later. I like this idea the best.


In fact, we do see an aged Cooper in the Black Lodge during one of his dream sequences. Clearly there are temporal effects going on here that defy any easy explanation.

More importantly, Laura Palmer herself said that the two would meet again in 25 years. Seriously, If you didn't know better you would think Lynch set this all up in advance.

So now here he is. Twenty-five years later. Dale F-ing Cooper in a promo pic for the nu-Twin Peaks. So many questions besides the ones I've already asked. Namely, how does Mr. Hyde and the Mayor of Portland factor into any of this? What are your theories???


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