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What have they done to Tyrande?

Is anyone up on World of Warcraft lore? I've been back with it for about two weeks now and I see a glaring issue...it's always Malfurion, Malfurion, Malfurion.

The Night Elf lore on the mainpage is nothing but Malfurion: the leader of the Night Elves was gone for thousands of years doing stuff while trapped in the Emerald Dream and now he's back!

Making a baby Night Elf, the little cut scene: Now that Malfurion is back, good things will happen!


Tyrande is barely mentioned.

Not to mention he's the hero in Hearthstone.

Did Malfurion and Tyrande get Night Elf divorced and he ended up with the better press agent or what?

Look, Malfurion is great and all the characters spoke of him with major respect while he was gone (except Fandral but y'know...) but Tyrande led the Night Elves for ten thousand years and got them through what was arguably the worst crisis - the Burning Legion. All while trying to babysit superdick Illidan, who gets most of the credit there too. I know when Malfurion came back he was partying with the dragon aspects but Tyrande is also the one who kept the diplomacy going there when he was gone, and let's not forget that they were kind of pissy about Fandral's second world tree shenanigans. In Cata I thought Malfurion's conciousness was raised somewhat similiar to Thrall's and he was going to be a background power player, what is all this Malfurion Is Everything nonsense?

Also, not for nothing but I'm still peeved that they changed her voice in Cata and she now sounds like a Draenei, that makes no sense.


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