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(Note: If you have love ones who read this and enjoy surprises, for the love of god, don't post it here)

It is the night before Christmas and hopefully if you celebrate it (either for religious reasons, as a non-secular holiday or you just like getting presents like me) you've bought all the presents for your friends and family. If you haven't, why the hell are you reading this! Get out there and go on a wacky quest.


As it is the time for sharing, what have you bought everyone? Also if you don't celebrate Christmas, either for religious or personal reasons, please talk about what you gave on hanukkah, the Japanese Emperors Birthday or whatever you celebrate. Don't feel left out.

For me:
my Mum = Hellsing volume 8 & 9
my Dad = A judge Dredd Shirt
my Brother = Alien Isolation & Commando (that last one is a in joke)
my Cousin = A revoltech New Theactrical Edition Eva Unit 02
my Cats = Turkey I got for some reason from my grandma (after all, as a vegetarian I'm not eating it)
my Grandma = Sergeant-Major Grout figure from Camberwick Green

Happy Holidays Everyone! (:

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