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What he said: “Captain America: Civil War’ Is Everything ‘Batman V Superman’ Wanted To Be, But Should We Want More?” (Spoilers)

I just watched Avengers 2.5 this morning, and wanted to share my feelings with people, but found out that one of my favorite movie reviewers, Vince Mancini at Filmdrunk, already articulated everything I thought, better than I could, with his review: “Captain America: Civil War’ Is Everything ‘Batman V Superman’ Wanted To Be, But Should We Want More?”


So I guess this is a 2-fer share from me.

Only thing I disagree with Mancini about is his disappointment with Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo being a subdued villain from the mold of “shadowy cabals and Bourne-style procedural”.

The fact that he didn’t don a purple mask and had a plan that surprised everyone by being more practical and motivations which were more mundane than anyone anticipated enhanced the story greatly, I think.

As Alliterator said, Zemo doesn’t attack the Avengers from the position of their equal, but from the perspective of a bystander, audience to their exploits and figured out the formula to how they always played out. He basically attacked them from beyond the fourth wall (another comparison to BvS worth considering, I think).


I’d go as far as to say that Zemo is actually the first villain since Loki that I found myself genuinely interested in beyond a punching bag target for the heroes. I feel like there’s lot of places that he could go from the end of the movie, and I hope the next time we see him he won’t be a mere appetizer leading up to Thanos in Infinity War like Crossbones in this movie, and Stucker in Age of Ultron.


The only unmentioned thing which I think the movie lacked though, was more insight into the perspectives of the general public on The Avengers.

Since the philosophical conflict of the movie was pretty much a debate about how The Avengers are seen by the world vs how they see themselves, it seemed kind of myopic that the debate onscreen felt pretty much limited to the Avengers, and governmental figures like King T’Chala and T’Ross to a lesser extent.


Viola Davis’s Alfre Woodward’s cameo confrontation with Tony was a decent way to introduce a common person’s perspective on why the Sokovia Accords were worth considering, but I would have liked an analog to that for the con side of things which would have bolstered Cap’s stance.

I guess Peggy’s posthumous pep-talk via Sharon was supposed to be that, but I think it would have been more equitable and effective to have had someone who was saved by Cap and the Avengers recently speak out for him instead.

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