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What horror movie scared you pissless as a kid but looks stupid now?

For me, this piece of crap. I was only five or six at the time this was on TV in the early 1970s but this final sequence, cheesy though it is, stuck with me:

For more cheese, here's the opening of the show it aired on, Monster Movie Matinee (not to be confused with Monster Movie Manatee):

For decades, I looked for House of Seven Corpses without even knowing what the title was, until eventually discovering it on DVD and laughing my ass off and also snoozing through it because of how bad it is.


One interesting detail: it was filmed in the Utah governor's mansion.

Unfortunately the only full-length versions on YouTube are dubbed in Spanish, although the original English dialogue is both incomprehensibly written and recorded in the very worst fidelity imaginable, so you wouldn't be missing much.

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