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What I Want to See Post-Defenders

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So The Defenders has finally arrived and we have all either watched or it are still watching it. So now it’s time to look towards the future and say what we want to see happen in a post-Defenders world.


The highlight of The Defenders for me was the interactions between all four characters, as well as the interactions between Colleen, Claire, and Misty. The weakest part was definitely the villains, who went from intimidating (Sigourney Weaver) to meh (White Hat? Really?).

I wanted to see three things by the end of The Defenders:

  • The end of the Hand plotline.
  • Misty Knight losing her arm.
  • Claire finally setting up a free clinic for superheroes, like they’ve been hinting at for ages.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad, as they say. So looking forward, this is what I want to see:

Daredevil Season 3

  • No more Elektra. Her plotline was tied so heavily into the Hand that her character turned out to be just kind of...boring. She finally got interesting when she embraced her crazy side in Defenders, but I don’t think they can sustain that for very long if they bring her back.
  • The return of Nelson & Murdock. I understand why Foggy left, but I loved him and Matt’s friendship and I want to see them go back to being partners.
  • More villains. So far, in Daredevil, all we’ve got are the Kingpin, the Owl (kind of), and the Hand as villains. I want to see more of Daredevil’s rogues gallery, villains like the Jester, Leap-Frog, Machinesmith, Mr. Fear, Typhoid Mary, Tombstone, hell, even Stilt-Man. Yes, I want to see Stilt-Man — surely, you can make the CGI for Stilt-Man for one scene. But then there’s the big one:
  • Bullseye. Now with the Hand out of the way, it seems time for Bullseye to become the main villain or perhaps the main assassin for the Kingpin now that he’s in jail.
  • “Born Again.” They have been hinting at this storyline since Season 2. I’m not sure if it would fit in Season 3 or how long it would take, but it seems like the perfect story for the show.

Jessica Jones Season 2

  • Trish becoming Hellcat. Even if it’s only for an episode or only to help Jessica again, I want to see more of Trish being badass.
  • More individual cases. Now that her big case (Purple Man) has wrapped up (even if we’re still seeing the after-effects of it), I hope we see her taking on smaller cases, ones that wrap up in an episode or two. There is an arc of Alias called “Come Home,” in which Jessica investigates a possible mutant girl who goes missing in a small town bigoted against mutants. They could easily adapt that and switch “mutant” to “Inhuman.”
  • Just more of the show, really. It was the best.

Luke Cage Season 2

  • I want Claire to finally start her own free clinic. I know this could technically go into any of the shows, but she was such a main character in Luke Cage that it seems like a good place to put her storyline. She could treat any of the Defenders for their injuries they inevitably receive, but also treat the community at large, helping in her own way.
  • Mariah and Shades as a villain couple. They worked really well in the first season, but I want to see them do a lot more in the second and not get taken out like Cottonmouth was.
  • Luke becoming a “Hero for Hire” and having an office in the Gem Theater.
  • Have Danny come in for an episode and have them team-up again. The Power Man & Iron Fist team-up in Defenders was definitely a highlight and having Luke there definitely makes Danny better.

Iron Fist Season 2

  • Misty Knight gets a bionic arm. It’s about goddamn time. (This could go in Luke Cage Season 2 as well, but I think it works better in this show.)
  • Since Misty is no longer a member of the police force, Colleen offers to go into business with her, helping people out under the name “Nightwing Restorations Ltd.”
  • (Holy crap, I finally got that “Nightwing” is a combination between their two last names, Knight and Wing.)
  • Meanwhile, Danny learns that K’un-L’un disappeared because it is involved in a tournament between the champions of all Seven Capital Cities of Heaven.
  • Which means we finally meet the Immortal Weapons: Dog Brother #1, Fat Cobra, Prince of Orphans, Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter, and the real Bride of Nine Spiders (the first season’s Bride was a mere imitator).
  • Also, Davos returns as the Steel Serpent, intent on punishing Danny for leaving K’un-L’un.
  • Also, Orson Randall. I need him to train Danny and kick his ass.
  • Also, they fix the fight choreography and make Danny less angry all the time. Mellow Danny is Better Danny.
  • Also, Luke Cage comes in for an episode or three.

How about you guys? What do you want to see?

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