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People keep asking for many past elements of Doctor Who to return to the new series: past Companions, former adversaries, other Time Lords, etc. I too would love to see all of these things, buuuuuut....

Let me state, for the record, that I have no desire to see Peter Capaldi leave the Whoniverse any time soon, but I do ponder the existence of future incarnations of The Doctor. One thing I'd love to see return to The Doctor is a gaudy wardrobe. The past few outfits have been too easily blended in to modern-day society.


Where's the craziness of the outfits worn by Pertwee, Baker (x2), McCoy, etc? Part of what (to me) was appealing about the Doctor is that he didn't quite get Earth clothing styles right. I feel like the 8th and The War Doctor were set up as transitional outfits to the modern style, but once you get to Eccleston as the 9th, it gets rather "modern stylish or even hipster-ish. Capaldi keeps changing his jacket up so you don't always get the black and red jacket, but even that isn't too gaudy.

I'm just throwing this out there for discussion. Lend me your thoughts on this, dear friends.


UPDATE 2/16/15: Woof! Ria main-paged this! 'Twas not prepared for the avalanche of replies! LOL! Ok, I'll comment as much as time allows. Cheers!

UPDATE 2/17/15: I tried to reply to as many comments as possible. apologies if I didn't reply to yours. Also, please don't start a gender war int eh comments section. This was a post about the Doctor's wardrobe, not whether he shoudl regen into a woman. I've debated that to infinity but it's not going to get solved here. Don't start crapping on each other about it. Take that silliness over to Jezebel or something.

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