Little Anakin is trapped in the Trade Federation Droid Control ship, surrounded by hundreds of battle droids. Suddenly, his ship gains power again, allowing him to destroy the main reactor and begins to fly out of the ship. But he is unable to make it out in time and is caught in the explosion, sacrificing his life to save the people of Naboo.

This is something I’d like to try each Saturday for a little fun for everyone and I would like some feedback. Like the Marvel comic series, Observation Deck’s What If is when we change one thing from a film series and wonder what the consequences would be. In this case, what would happen to the Star Wars universe if Anakin died in episode 1?

Here are some of my own thoughts, feel free to add your own.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obviously with no Anakin around, Obi Wan would not need to train him and would have likely gotten a different padawan. Given what the other padawan’s in the films were like, he/she would be more controlled and be less likely to wipe all the Jedi out. Because of this, Obi-Wan would likely die on Geonosis, as this Padawan probably wouldn’t risk Padme’s life and would not have been easily fooled by her.


The Clone Wars

Without Anakin, the republic would likely have lost a lot more battles in the war. However, given that the war was being manipulated by Palpatine anyway, the outcome would likely have been the same with the exception of a lot more dead clone troopers and one extra dead Jedi.


Padmé Amidala

Firstly, Padmé would not have died of a broken heart while giving birth. Given that, she would likely be a part of the rebellion and a big asset for them in the imperial senate. However, this would likely have made Naboo a bigger target, which result in tighter security and imperial control on that planet.


Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka would likely have still been part of the war, but would have been under another Jedi, likely Plo Koon. Given this, she would have fallen with the rest of the Jedi during Order 66.


Luke and Leia

Well, they wouldn’t have existed for starters, so nearly all the events in the original trilogy would be different. This leads to the question of whether or not someone else would have taken their places which in honesty, I don’t think so. I do think the rebellion would have been able to take out the Death Star eventually, but which more losses and more destroyed planets, including Naboo.



Palpatine’s plan would likely not have changed much without Anakin around, with him becoming emperor of the galaxy. All that would be different is that he would be grooming someone else to becoming his new apprentice as Dooku and Maul were always going to be temporary. But who would be the new apprentice? Personally I think it would be Barriss Offee, someone who disillusioned by the Jedi and willing to go to extremes (which off topic, Andy you’re a dick for spoiling that). Offee would likely then eventually kill Palpatine and become Empress of the empire.


But those are just my thoughts, have fun coming up with your own.