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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Palpatine informs the Jedi High Council that the reason that Fives went crazy was because he removed his biochip. However, the Jedi because they are not stupid, don’t buy this answer and instead further investigate the incident.


Welcome again to Observation Deck’s What If! This is a long running series where I change one thing from a famous work and then we all study the results.

Previous entries include a dead child, corporate espionage, marriage, accidental suicide, wishes to rule the world, another dead child, a locked door and a beheading.


This week, we’ll be looking at Star Wars the Clone Wars and what if Fives was believed in the Order 66 saga. When watching the episodes that make up this story, I never bought that the Jedi simply believed the official story about what happened. There is just too many holes to make it work:

  • They would have never have believed the whole biochip lie. Why the hell if it was nothing unusual would they then originally deny its existence and then falsify and destroy evidence?
  • The Jedi already know that it was Dooku who was the one who started the order for the clone army 13 years beforehand. The Jedi would have been smart enough to realise this incident and that are connected in some way.
  • The Jedi would have been suspicious of Nala Se. Think about it, she’s already tried to cover up the biochip, something if it was harmless then there would have been no reason to do so. But then, the perfectly healthy & sane Fives just “suddenly” becomes sick and insane after she was with him for a few minutes? Yeah, her ass is going to jail.
  • When they did the Autopsy of Fives body, they would have spotted the remnants of the drug so there would be no way that would have bought the story.
  • The symptoms Fives had didn’t match what Tup had. That should have awakened some warning signs.
  • Thanks to episode 3, we know that the Jedi are already suspicious of Palpatine so I don’t buy they would of truly believed them.

As such let us all discuss what if the Jedi and some other characters like Captain Rex believed Fives and did more investigations like interrogating Nala Se (possibly doing a group force mind trick).

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