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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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What If High Fantasy Was Discovered To Be True?

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You wake up one day after one nasty long hangover. After spending half an hour trying to figure out why you now have a chain smoking monkey in your bathroom, you notice that you have hundreds of messages screaming of having you heard the news or turn on the TV. You switch it on and discover:

Scenario 1

A group of Archeologists have discovered ancient 6,000 year old ruins of an unknown group of elf like people in Norway. As the weeks and months go on, more ruins are found close by as well as in the rest of Scandinavia and North Germany are found and analysis of the bodies show that they are not fake and are in fact not human. Later, other goblin like bodies are found and they seem to have been seemingly fighting the elves, with some bodies seemingly frozen and burned by unknown forces.


Then, ancient bodies of Oni and Nue are found in Japan, smaller and older elves in the Arctic, entire civilizations of Dwarves found in Germany, Rainbow Snakes in Australia and Pegasus in Greece. It soon becomes too obvious that fantasy, at least in some part istrue.

Scenario 2

After an excavation of an old French nuclear sub, a strange, nearly man-made mountain is found that doesn't appear on any known maps or sensors. A passage is found and later study a large portal is found within. A team goes in and comes out claiming to have found an alternate world. Though technologically less advanced, Mythical creatures and animals thrive with large powers of Elves in control.


Scenario 3

An illegal immigrant finds itself caught trying to get over the English Channel. The person has unusual long pointy ears, speaks in an unheard of language and a blood type completely unknown. It is later revealed to be a living breathing elf and it is soon discovered that elves have been living on earth, hidden from humanity for thousands of years. It is later found that Goblins are in deep caves, Ogres in France stealing babies, consuming them and other mythical creatures are found.


What Would Happen?

What do you think would happen if in the extremely unlikely and improbable case that one of these scenarios happened? What would do you think the initial reaction would be? What would happen over time? How do you think it would change and reactions of politicians and religious groups. In scenarios 2 & 3, how do you think the other mythical races would react to us?


Do you think mankind could cope with the idea? What would the social issues resulting by this be?

Have fun (:

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