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What If John Conner Died At The End Of Terminator 2?

Deep within a steel mill, John Conner is confronted by two Sarah Conner’s. John picks one, but unfortunately for him, he chooses the T-1000 and is killed. The T-800 kills the T-1000 and he and the remains of the original Terminator are thrown into the molten steel, leaving Sarah Conner alone.

Welcome for a sixth edition of Observation Deck’s What If! This is where I change one thing from a famous work and then we all study the results. Past editions include a dead child, corporate espionage, marriage, accidental suicide & wishes to rule the world.


This week however, we will look at what would have happened if John Conner had been killed by the T-1000 in Terminator 2. Please feel free to use or ignore any media as evidence and remember that no idea is too silly for us here.

For myself:

I believe that the message of Terminator 2 was correct. That the future can be changed and nothing is set in stone (Terminator 3 was wrong and should be ignored). As such, If John had died, Sarah would have doubled her efforts in making sure that Judgement Day would never happen.

But this leaves the question of what would cause Judgement Day to happen in this version? Well, the only thing it could be is the remains of the good T-800 left in the steel mill at the end of Terminator 2. If Sarah and her freedom fighters were able to destroy this piece of future tech, it would stop all research of future tech permanently.

Also, if Sarah and co could last the fight until about 2006 - 2007, then the whole thing will sort itself out. Think about it, no Government nowadays is going to be stupid enough to allow a single AI to control all military commands without safety checks, manual shutdowns and a huge team computer software programmers making sure it is mostly harmless. Plus the risk of viruses, hacks and what not would make any benefits of that type of software useless.


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