The air is thick in anticipation in the Diablo desert as pilaf places the final Dragon Ball onto the ground. The Dragon Ball’s glow like furious fire, as beams of light fire out of them and form the mighty Dragon Shenlong. Oolong and Puar try to stop Pilaf from making his wish while the rest of the DB gang are trapped. But they are unable to do so and Pilaf becomes emperor of the earth.

Welcome again to ODeck’s What If, the place where we change one thing from a famous work of speculative fiction and then we all study the results. After the previous weeks dead child, corporate espionage, marriage and accidental self-suicide, this week we’ll be looking at what if pilaf, Dragon Ball’s first major villain had succeeded with getting his wish of ruling the earth.


Remember that no idea is a silly idea around here and please feel free to use any material in the media as evidence.

Also if you are curious, Kotaku did an article a while back about another Dragon Ball what if. Speculating on what would happen if Goku never existed.


For myself:

I believe our heroes would be able to escape even with Pilaf now king. The reason for this is that regardless of what happened that night, Goku would have still turned into his Oozaru form and caused havoc. What would happen next though?


This very much depends on whether or not the people of the earth would rebel against him or not which generally, they may not.

There is a strange detachment in that world where the people in the 5 megacities seem to be completely unaware of what’s happening in the south and villages. Why else would these people let a major drought happen and not bother to help? Or how the hell the people in the megacities bought into Mr. Satan’s lies despite demons, magic, force blasts being common knowledge everywhere else? Really, as long as Pilaf didn’t do anything to annoy them too much, he’d be fine from revolt from mass revolt.

However, that does not mean there would be no resistance at all. Do you really think the Red Ribbon Army would just stand by and let this blue imp take the throne? I would also bet Goku and co would’ve also have trained heavily to beat Pilaf out of his position.


At best, I’d say Pilaf has a year, maybe two before he is kicked out by the resistance. Goku comes out stronger then he was in the original universe and King Piccolo may or may not have awakened, very much depending on how desperate Pilaf was.

There would have also of never been that strange culling in the DBZ era where except for Oolong and Puar, all the talking animal people mysteriously vanish despite accounting for 17% of the population.

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