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A complaint that I see about comic book movies, again and again is that every time they start a new character, we have an origin story. It has become a trope and with character reboots, it is growing really tired.

With today's exciting news about Spider Man joining the MCU, I wondered if this was an opportunity to do things differently. What if MCU Spidey is not introduced as a character who becomes a super hero. Instead, he could be a hero who shows up in the existing MCU with no explanation. Just a hero who jumps in, cracks wise, saves the day and swings off.


The current crop of characters would all have different reactions. Cap would think he was a loose cannon, needing the sanction of the U.S. government. Tony would just want to know who he was (cause Civil War, you know?). Black Widow would have (or fake) an odd attraction to him (which would be awkwardly reciprocated, because he has a thing for redheads and Spider Themes). Thor would think he was great!

No one would be sure of his power level. He'd stop some purse snatchers one day and single handedly take down a major villain the next. The media would be conflicted (obviously).


Meanwhile, Peter Parker is a minor character who is working at the Bugle. Mostly, he's a photographer, but he does a bit of science and technology reporting. Oh, and he's trying to get a job at StarkTech.

Is the MCU developed enough to bring in a character who is well (or even overly) introduced without any extra explanation? I think so!

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