This is the progress we made after developing the measles vaccine (From this paper):

This is the resurgence of measles we're experiencing in recent times (From the CDC):


We've already hit the highest number of measles cases in a year in the US since the "elimination" of measles. And it's not even summer yet. According to the BBC, 90% of those infected were unvaccinated, or had an unknown vaccination status. Many of the outbreaks are from unvaccinated people travelling abroad to places with measles epidemics (such as the Philippines), and bringing back to the US.

This makes me so angry. Young children, the elderly, and the immune-compromised are relying on the rest of us to GET our vaccines. We have all the tools and ability in place to eradicate these diseases, and yet we are actually experiencing a resurgence due to willful ignorance.

Get your vaccines. Especially if you're going to be travelling to places with active epidemics! Jesus fucking Christ, people.


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