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What is Your Number 1 Comic Book Right Now?

What series gets you so excited for Wednesdays that you squirm at your desk until you can get to the Comic Book Store?

Normally, I'm a trade paperback girl. I can get them from the library or buy them for much less than the accumulated costs of all the single issues. I have two exceptions that I get every month and I love them so much:

Bitch Planet


And The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Originally, I was going to wait for the trade of Bitch Planet but then I learned the essays and notes at the back were going to be exclusive to the single issues, so now I am buying them one by one. Since BP is a bit dark and heavy, I buy it with Squirrel Girl as a happier complement. Together, they make for one hell of a reading session!


But I'm also waiting anxiously for the next trades of Saga, Wicked + The Divine, Sex Criminals, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Velvet, Lazarus, Chew... and... and... and....

What calls your name on Wednesdays?

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