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Hello O-Deck! I know i haven’t been active miuch around these parts but I’m hoping to change that up. I plan to be a bigger contributor this year, starting with this little topic I thought of during a recent rewatch on TNG S3.

“The Most Toys” is an interesting episode. It looks at the moral core of Data and examines what lengths a sentient being will go to in order to avoid captivitry. It has a nice villian in Kivas Fajo, a smarmy spoiled little prick you just want to punch. It sort of feels like the writers were making commentary on some of the fans they might have run into at cons. I also enjoyed the ending where we aren’t sure if Data fired or not. I think he did.


During the episode, Fajo shows off a few of his prized items from his collection. From Earth we have a Salvador Dali painting and a Roger Marris trading card with the bubblegum smell intact. The episode might have taken place in the 24th century but it was written in 1990. Obviously the writers weren’t able to see the future but a lot of time has passed since then and now and a lot of stuff has occured. So i’m wondering if the episode was made now, what kind of rare items might we see in Fajo’s collection. Perhaps a piece of the WTC, assuming 9/11 occured in the Trek universe.

Fajo is such an amoral piece of shit that I could see a piece of the biggest terrorist attack on the United States might be something he would covet. In less dark ideas, perhaps a piece of the ivy from Wrigley Field. Or perhaps a guitar signed by Prince before his unfortunate passing. The rarer and more exotic, the more likely Fajo would be interested in it. I want to hear what you all think, so please drop some ideas in the comments.

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