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What I've read in 2013

I didn't accomplish the 52 books in a year challenge but I did a fair amount of reading in 2013. Since I'm an engineer I did some number crunching with a spreadsheet and made a chart to over-analyze my reading this year.


I've read thirty books (to keep things simple I'm only considering books I'm read for pleasure) for a total of 12,573 pages read*. That's equivalent to 52 books of just over 241 pages each. My average number of pages per day read was 36 based on the total pages divided by the total days of reading**.

As you can see my reading rate wasn't consistent. I raced through Horus Rising (a Warhammer 40K book) and World War Z. Others took longer because I wasn't finding or making time to read as much.


Tracking my reading statistics actually helped keep me reading after I realized I wasn't reading anywhere near as much as I used to. It's not that I don't enjoy reading but I had other demands on my time and I was putting off reading. Once I decided to devote about thirty minutes minimum to reading it wasn't that hard to do.

*The first book on the list was started in December 2012 but the bulk of it was read in 2013. I'm also not counting the book I'm starting today which will be in the 2014 spreadsheet. I don't believe the numbers are significant enough overall to be excessively picky about starting exactly on January 1 and ending on December 31.


**Note that if you take the average of the numbers in the Pages/Day column the number will be 47 pages per day. But I prefer to use the lower number my method produced.

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