So this weekend, Inside Out set the record for the highest opening of any original film in the US. The movie features different emotions inside a person’s mind, and one of them is Sadness, an emotion closely related to crying. However, not all tears come from being sad as happiness and other emotions can make you cry. Also onions.

I’m a big softie and I will respond to obviously emotional scenes such as Captain America 1’s tearjerker good-bye scene or the first 10 minutes of Up. But then I’ll also tear up at things like as a footage of a shuttle launch, which made it a bit awkward for me when I watched a Hubble IMAX documentary surrounded by little kids few weeks ago. At the time, my mind was filled with a sense of humility, insignificance, and hopefulness, but I really don’t understand how that translated to tears.

Do you guys also have a unlikely thing makes you emotional?