Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The A-Team is one of the most enjoyably awesome tv shows ever made. Me and my dad used to watch re-runs of it every morning before I went to school. I just learned that it was on Netflix. So obviously that means it was time for a marathon. Some random musings.


-They straight up lie in the opening monologue. They did actually rob the Bank of Hanoi, it's just that the documentation condoning it was destroyed.

- What does the "Los Angeles underground" mean?

- Mr. T is awesome. But that's a given.

- We all know what B.A. actually stands for.

- We never see B.A. actually pick anyone up before he throws them.

- I always groan whenever Hannibal says 'I love it when a plan comes together".

- I also groan whenever they say the name of the episode in the episode. But that isn't unique to just the A-Team.


- Is Murdoch actually crazy or is it supposed to all be an act? Either way Dwight Schultz does a great job.

- Also, Murdoch is hilarious.

- For wanted mercenaries it sure is easy for people who aren't the military to find them.


- Shouldn't Amy Allen be wanted by the military as well before she goes off on her "foreign correspondence"? It's well known by Lynch and Decker that she works with the A-Team. She's even held people at gun point.

- It's incredibly odd that every badguy group has access to a helicopter in the first season.


- I get more excited during the part of the episode where they prepare for the bad guys to attack / to attack the bad guys than I do for the actual attack.

- What was their car budget? At least 5 cars seem to get completely totaled every episode.


- The A-Team van sometimes doesn't have a sunroof in a scene and then will have one in a later scene (or vice-versa). Also, I want that van.

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