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What Marvel and DC Should Do Right Now

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So overall sales in the comic book industry is down in 2017 by 6.3%. Sales have cooled off from 2016 (which had giant-sized hits like Civil War II and DC Rebirth) and even DC thinks that the comic book industry is in danger of collapsing. Clearly, both Marvel and DC need something to boost sales in 2017, something that doesn’t rely on gimmicks or giant crossover events.


So I think the best option would be to do a giant crossover event that relies on a gimmick. But this would be the best gimmick: crossovers between Marvel and DC. They haven’t done one since 2004 and the end of JLA/Avengers. That means both Marvel and DC are in radically different places then when their universes last met. So a crossover between the two universes wouldn’t just result in hits — it would result in megahits.

My idea: the main crossover would be an eight-issue mini-series called Justice League/Avengers or Avengers/Justice League to be co-written by Al Ewing and Steve Orlando, both great writers who know and love using continuity. After four issues of the crossover, however, there would be a three-month break in order for the artist to finish drawing/inking/coloring everything (as you do) and during those three months, well, remember how everyone loved the DC-Hanna Barbera crossovers? Do the same, but with DC and Marvel characters — and they would take place in a world where Marvel and DC characters live side-by-side.


The first six one-shots would be put out by DC and would take the place of normal DC comics and be written by the normal DC writer/artist teams:

  • Green Lanterns/Guardians of the Galaxy by Sam Humphries and Ethan van Scriver (A team of space cops fighting and then teaming up with a team of space anti-heroes? Yes, please.)
  • New Super-Man/Iron Fist by Gene Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic (Kenan Kong needs help to control his chi — and who better than the man who can turn his chi into a living weapon?)
  • Batwoman/All-New Wolverine by Marguerite Bennett and Steve Epting (Kate Kane needs to stop the sale of Monster Venom in Madripoor — and gets a guide in the form of Laura Kinney, the Wolverine (and Gabby, too).)
  • Deathstroke/Black Panther by Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan (Slade Wilson takes a contract from the Red Lion to assassinate another head of state — but realizes just how difficult that might be when it turns out his target is none other than T’Challa, the Black Panther!)
  • Suicide Squad/The Punisher by Rob Williams and Philip Tan (When Frank Castle learns that the government is using super-criminals as tools, he decides that it’s time for those criminals to get some punishment.)
  • Batman/Daredevil by Tom King and Mikel Janin (The Dark Knight meets the Man Without Fear. ‘Nuff said.)

And the next six one-shots would be put out by Marvel and would take the place of normal Marvel comics and be written by the normal Marvel writer/artist teams:

  • The Mighty Thor/Wonder Woman by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman (One mythology meets another as Norse and Greek gods clash. Who will win? And why, exactly, are they fighting?)
  • Champions/Titans by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos (When the Freelancers take a contract from H.I.V.E., the Champions and the Titans find themselves teaming up — but will internal pressures make them explode?) 
  • Ms. Marvel/Batgirl by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona (Barbara Gordon is expanding her tech company into New Jersey...while Kamala Khan is trying to stop the gentrification that inevitably comes with big business. Gee, stopping gentrification, sounds fun — don’t worry, there will be supervillains, too.)
  • Deadpool/Harley Quinn by Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish (This book will sell a million copies easily. You know it will.)
  • Doctor Strange/The Hellblazer by Donny Cates and Gabriel Hernandez Walta (When Doctor Strange senses the presence of the Many-Angled Ones in London, he takes a trip to find London’s most prominent street magician, John Constantine. But is he the solution or the cause of all these problems?)
  • Invincible Iron Man/Superman by Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Casselli (One is a symbol of hope worldwide. The other is an alcoholic with a million personal problems. How can they hope to team up? And yet...)

And then, after those one-shots, would come the remaining four issues of Avengers/Justice League or Justice League/Avengers.

Tell me that each issue wouldn’t be a supermegahit. Just tell me. They would never do it, but they totally should.

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