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So I've recently gotten my best friend into podcasts and slowly he's finding more and more on his own that relate to what we in general are into when we hang out, but I've got a ton I listen to on my own.

I'm curious, what podcasts do you all listen to and why? There's always something worth checking out that someone else knows about that you don't, so I figured I'd ask.

Also, let's try to avoid repeats. We don't need ten people saying "Caustic Soda" or what have you. If someone beats you to it, just comment below theirs and say "ditto" or what have you.


I'll start this off by listing some of my favs.

Caustic Soda! I love the variety of topics they cover (although the spider episodes recently had me freaked the fuck out, cause I am terrified of spiders) and the way they interact with one another. Honestly, it's basically like listening to me and my bestie when we get into our random convos. On topic for a bit, random jokes and silliness interspersed in between.

Titus Podcast. I've been a fan of Christopher Titus's stand-up since forever, even before he had a show on Fox. His podcast is nothing like that though. He covers the latest news and issues and basically rants about stuff with his wife and "brother" (and I put that in quotes because I've seen him do the voice of Willie in video, so I seriously doubt there's another person there with them). If you love a good rant and to stay informed of the latest current events or ridiculous things going on in the U.S. and around the globe (be it serious things or celebrity break downs or what have you) then this is the podcast for you. Assuming you can stand Titus that is.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Jesus. You said it man. (Looks over at Jeff Bridges, "Eight year olds, Dude.") If you are at all into history then there's no reason whatsoever you shouldn't be listening to this podcast. The episodes are lengthy (anywhere from one hour to almost three hours long) and usually require multiple to cover everything (the current WWI episodes are at five already and the next one should be up relatively soon I hope) but they are absolutely worth listening to. Dan absolutely goes above and beyond covering various aspects of a given topic, ranging from the general ideas we all are mostly familiar with about them to more in depth coverage (such as reading actual letters written by people at the time, as well as quoting from books he's read on the various subjects). Seriously, I can't recommend this podcast enough to history buffs (and I knew a few fellow Odeckers love it as well).


Good Job, Brain! This one started originally as a Kickstarter effort if memory serves me correctly and took off from there. The hosts are awesome, they get along so well and the banter between them is always silly in a fun and educational way. Probably my favorite part of each episode is the "pop quiz, hotshot" part. The topics they cover are all over the place, but this is more of a quiz show/offbeat trivia type of podcast.

This Week with Larry Miller! This was the first podcast I really got into a few years ago. Larry Miller is an amazing actor and downright hilarious in general. His podcast is kinda down to earth and homely I'd say. It's like having an old friend drop in and just tell you amusing anecdotes from their life. There's always an interesting story he's sharing or some poetry he's reading or just insights into his various friends or actors/actresses he's fond of and what have you. Not a week goes by that I don't look forward to listening to this one. Every year at Christmas time my family leaves for the week, so I get the house all to myself and it's become my yearly tradition to just bum around the house for a few hours and catch up on all the episodes I've missed and it is a damn fine way to spend the holidays.


So let's see what you all have got. Yes, I know I'm only listing a handful, but these are my favs. I listen to a ridiculous amount of podcast. Which you can see in full below.


Also, the Judge John Hodgman podcast is awesome! Recently got into it thanks to my bestie discovering it and we absolutely dig it!


And before anyone has to ask, that is Pocket Cast ($3.99) you see in those screenshots. It's awesome! If by some chance some of you decide you don't listen to all those you see in the screenshots but you want to just let me know. I'll shoot you the OPML file to import them into your podcast app of choice and save you the trouble of manually adding them all.

For the record, even if you don't have an Android device, you can use Pocket Cast online. You can do so with a two week free trial, after which if you'd like to keep using it you simply pay a $9 fee and you are permanently set.


I've tried pretty much every podcast app in the Play Store and Pocket Cast is hands down the best in my opinion.

Also, no, I don't listen to all those podcasts. There are some I added after reading the descriptions of and/or that were recommended by friends and I just simply don't have enough time to go through them all. I will eventually, but today is not that day. To be honest I'm more than covered by the handful of favs I have. They're enough to get me through my usual daily drives and by the time I finish any given episode or two a new one is out.


Like I said, let's see what you all have worth checking out. Links, what it's about and why you like it. Por favor. (That means "please", for those of you who do not speak Spanish.)

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