Supposedly Katee Sackhoff had a meeting with Stan Lee on Tuesday, and she has posted two tweets with clues to what "super secret job" she is doing. What do you guys think? Let's take a look at our clues so far:

Okay, so in that first photo they are taking a mold of her face, but leaving the mouth open. This could mean they are going to put some sort of monstrous beak on after for the female version of the X-Man, Beak. Let's take a look at the second clue: it appears to be some sort of red, leather looking material. Perhaps the first clue is not hinting that she is being cast as a bird like monster, but rather a character that wears a red leather mask with an open mouth. I'm ready to make my prediction now:


Katee Sackhoff will be Marvel's next Daredevil!!!!!! There are no other Marvel characters with red masks, right?

[for reals though, I'm going to pull all my hair out if this doesn't mean what we all think it means]/