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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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What’s the Story? – Oblivion Edition

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I like to wonder about the secondary characters in movies. We often find out the stories of the main characters but what about the partners, buddies, and henchmen? For example, Alfred in Nolan’s Batman movies was more than just a butler. So in Oblivion I’m curious about Victoria. Major spoilers ahead.


I’ll start with the reveal at the end. Victoria was the other crewmember with Jack when the Odyssey encountered the Tet. From what little we see of her, Victoria is competent, loyal and probably a bit in love with Jack.

Looking at the clone Victorias, it appears that they are living out what may be Victoria’s fantasy. (Gee, do you think the Tet set that up intentionally?) Victoria 49 is living with Jack in a comfortable relationship. Victoria is doing what she believes to be important work and takes great pride in being part of an “effective team.” Is it any wonder that she doesn’t want to question what’s going on? The obvious comparisons are the Matrix and the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations.


Then Julia shows up in Victoria’s perfect world. Julia recognizes Jack and it’s reasonable to assume she also recognizes Victoria. (Julia knows enough about what was happening on the Odyssey mission that she must have been awake for at least part of it.) Notice how Julia reacts to Victoria.

Julia clearly doesn’t trust Victoria, so perhaps Victoria’s feelings for Jack weren’t a secret. It’s quite possible that Victoria may at some level remember Julia. She doesn’t actually answer Jack’s question.

Whether she remembers or not, Victoria sees Julia as a threat to her perfect world.


I see Victoria 49 as a tragic figure. The Tet set her up in an idealized situation that she would be reluctant to question. Julia shows up and destroys the happiness she had with Jack. She was manipulated and used by the Tet then discarded.

We know at least two Jacks regained their memory but what about the Victorias and the rest of the Jacks? Did the destruction of the Tet trigger failsafe drones at each tower? Did some Victorias kill themselves and their Jacks in a murder/suicide plot because they were no longer an effective team with the Tet gone?


Of course I don’t know what the writers actually had in mind (or if they even thought about this). This is just me musing while having too much free time.

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