Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Have you ever seen a debate about a TV show, a book, a bored game etc that has made you go, "why?" or "I don't understand why this is a debate?". Maybe you think the Kirk vs Picard debate is silly or you just don't care enough about Young Justice to debate about its cancellation.

There is nothing wrong with this of course, we all have different opinions & thoughts and sometimes, we just don't have the care or energy to debate or think both just sides are being silly.


So what sci-fi and fantasy debates do you just don't care about or think are silly?

For myself, I don't understand why people get so angry about Robotech vs. Macross and why people seem to think only one should be allowed to exist?

I actually had never heard about the Harmony Gold shenanigans until this article came out last year. If you read the comments, you'll notice me asking this:

"So why not just bring Macross over instead of cheaply trying to edit and westernise it? Macross Plus is down right gorgeous and given the bigger acceptance of anime nowadays it seems more the logical thing to do."


Aside form the positive and helpful comments, I got a fair bit of hate from people calling me a whinny fanboy and I noticed all through the comments that there was this massive Macross vs Robotech debate. Even Rob Bricken sadly comes across as overly defensive in the comments (calling people bitches for disagreeing with you? Really?) and all the while I kept thinking why the debate?

Why can't we have both? Some people like Macross and others like Robotech, what's the problem? Is it because of Harmony Gold? Then Robotech fans, help fans of Macross find easy ways of watching these shows. Is it because Robotech is a hack and slash of three animes? Then Macross fans, remember that people have fond memories of the show and accept that they have different tastes and should be respected.


Have fun (:

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