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What Should Happen to Steve Rogers After Secret Empire?

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I was finally able to read Secret Empire #0 and 1 (as well as the Free Comic Book Day issue) this week and my thoughts about it are: it’s pretty good, although requires knowledge of a lot of continuity. It is certainly better than Civil War II and, unlike what he said in an interview, Nick Spencer is including a lot of political stuff, which is nice. Steve is also portrayed as a nuanced villain, but a villain nonetheless. It’s actually reminding me a lot of the current “Agents of Hydra” arc of Agents of SHIELD.


But that brings us to a pressing question: when this crossover ends (and I hope it ends soon, considering we’ve had Hydra Cap for a year now), we know that Captain America will be restored to his former life and former personality as a paragon of truth, justice, and all that other stuff. So the question is: what then? What will happen to Captain America after he is restored? Can he simply go back to being the Sentinel of Liberty after turning the US into a totalitarian state? Sure, it wasn’t his fault — his history was literally rewritten by the Red Skull — but everyone is going to see his face as the face of Hydra. And even with his true history restored, Steve is going to know that he is capable of doing horrible things — a fascinating look at “nature vs nurture” that Agents of SHIELD is also going through with Leopold Fitz at the moment — so would he really want to be Captain America? Should he be Captain America?

There’s also Sam Wilson, the current Captain America. Well, okay, currently, he quit being Captain America due to Steve Rogers’ actions, but we know he will be back in the red and blue due to future solicitations. So if he’s staying as Cap after Secret Empire, what about Steve?


In my opinion, there’s only one option for Steve: go back to being Nomad. In the original Secret Empire storyline, Steve grew so disillusioned with America, he quit being Cap, but decided he still wanted to be a superhero, so he became Nomad (and wore a goofy looking costume that had a plunging v-neck and a cape). I think it would be great if they did the same after the current Secret Empire — only it’s not because he’s disillusioned with the country, but with himself. Steve as Nomad could travel the country and try to help the people he previously hurt.

What do you guys think?

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