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What Talk Shows Will You Miss The Most?

The Colbert Report is no more. (But its host will be back next year with bigger digs.) After tonight, Craig Ferguson is leaving CBS. (But he'll be back, too, in some form or another — and hopefully he'll have Josh Robert Thompson with him in some capacity.) David Letterman is retiring for good in May. (Leno is gone, but like the Witch-King of Angmar, or Cthulhu, he threatens always to rise again.)

EDIT: Paul Shaffer just did his impression of Cher singing "Oh, Holy Night" on that '70s Christmas special with William Conrad for probably the last time. A little piece of my heart just died.


Which show/host will you miss the most? Colbert is essential, but I've been watching Letterman for thirty years now and can't imagine weeknights without him. None of the new memebait shows taking over the late night talk arena really appeals to me, apart from the home of a certain widdle bear. I may just have to start reading in bed.

In the meantime, over on the podcast front, a true king has returned...

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