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What The?

I just came across this article by Michael Brick in Esquire magazine. The basic premise is that adult men who play with Lego are not real men or even real adults. There is a possibility that Mr. Brick is being ironic when he says things like "Why are you playing with Legos, sir?" but I'm just going to assume that he is being a pretentious ass looking for angry page views.

Why does an adult having a collection of Lego sets that they build make them any less of an adult? Building giant Lego dioramas isn't really that much different than putting together model railroads or building airplane models. In fact, if a grown up wants to play with action figures and make Pew Pew laser noises, I say "Have a great time!"


I for one am a huge fan of Lego. I enjoy building with my children, but I also enjoy it as an adult. I also like action figures and collected them before I got married and had children. I played D&D after I graduated from high school. I still read comic books. I do all this while voting, paying my bills and working a full time job, like an adult.

Disparaging people's hobbies as childish because they don't fit into your definition of what adults should enjoy is shameless. It is even more shameless if you are doing it solely for the purpose of riling people up to get page views.

Also, it's time to grow up and trim those sideburns, Mr. Brick. Get an adult haircut!

EDIT: The image of Mr. Brick that I put up from his Twitter account was taken down due to "a copyright infringement claim" so I put up another picture.

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