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What the Everloving F...?

So Drafthouse Films is re-releasing The Visitor, a film from 1979 that I was unaware existed. The trailer for this movie is ... well, watch it and you tell me what it is.

It stars a virtual cavalcade of stars from an earlier era of Hollwood; Shelley Winters, John Huston, Sam Peckinpah and Glenn Ford. Did they all have unpayed gambling debts to the director? The film was directed by Giulio Paradisi and produced by Ovidio Assonitis! These are like names made up for an SNL skit! I can't decide whether it looks like the worst good movie ever made or the best bad movie ever made, but I did have one question. I don't remember much of the 1970's, but did people crash through glass in slow motion a lot more then?


It comes out tomorrow if you are lucky enough to live in a much hipper town than me.

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