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What the fuck, Ridley?

EDIT: I want to add a great point that Frank made which is that the structure seen in this photo is not necessarily the Sphinx. More likely it is a statue being built to the Pharaoh Ramses who is played in this film by Joel Edgerton. Given the fact that the Sphinx predates this story by hundreds if not a thousand years, it is doubtful you would see it under construction in the film. This being said, there is still a problem because the whitewashing of the cast has produced a set artifact which, at least in profile, looks ridiculously out of place. It doesn't look Egyptian. It looks like someone is building an Egyptian-style statue of a young George Bush Jr. in Las Vegas or something. The photo below looks better but Ridley's casting in this is still ludicrous. The people look jarringly out of place in the trailer too.

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