Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

What the hell are kids reading these days?!?!?!​

I went to have dinner with my folks today and my niece was there, reading in the corner. I inquired towards the book and it was something called Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine. I shit you not.

Apparently, there's something in it called a Stripemonger who runs a business transferring strips of all descriptions from one object, living or not, to another.


I read a little bit of it and its like so physicist-on-crack-dream. I'm kinda impressed and weirded out all at the same time... de-striped zebras, exploding tigers and missing tartan badgers.

Its like The Fly written by Dr. Zeuss.

I dunno how well this stuff is received but my niece seems to dig it.

Pre-school quantum physics FTW!

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