As you know, Lauren did "SBFF" cartoon shorts for DC Nation on Cartoon Network.

Since then, Lauren stoped completly(guessing she quit the project cause DC were dicks or that she went to help Craig on his new Disney show).

Now, I love the designs that she gave to Supergirl, Donna, and Babs:


But what the fuck is going on here?:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Seems WB and DC are going for the full "MERCHANDISING"campaign to sell the costumed heroes to girls. Now, here is the problem *ahem* IT"S NOT THE FOOKING SAME!!!!

SBFF works cause it has diversity, shows that anyone can be a hero, and that boys are not the only ones that can kick butt(Solomon episode and Superman episode).
Now they just turned Lauren's work into another Generic Mass Production like what they did to MLP and their Equestria Girls toys.....*Shrugs*

Seriously, stop fucking around with what she does. She gives you great content and then you gotta fucking market it in such bland and fucking generic ways. WHY?!?!

I really hope that she can get a long standing deal to do whatever she wants and that it stays that way.


Man, this angers me so much, and her original work gave me hope for my niece to at least have female superheroes that she could get into at a young age(like I did with B:TAS).

I just hope that the Mane 6 fighter doesn't get bought out by someone and then her original characters for that game become fucking lame ass cheap toys.