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I'm sure most of us have seen a character or 2 who we see a lot of ourselves in.

For me, I actually see a lot of myself in Yoshikawa from Great Teacher Onizuka.

Yoshikawa is the nerd, the outcast and he's constantly being bullied. This was basically me in high school. I was the guy who didn't click with any specific group, the guy who ate alone at lunch, the guy who got bullied for being "weird". While everyone else was goofing off or talking, I was in the corner alone, usually reading a book or doodling or sometimes just daydreaming.


For my first 2 years of high school I was the preferred target of a group of older girls and never admitted it because I thought I would just be made fun of worse for letting a group of girls bully me. I didn't say anything even when they would beat on me (which didn't happen too often thankfully). They graduated when I was a junior, so my last two years were fairly peaceful.

I do wish I had dealt with it better. I still haven't gotten completely over it, despite the fact that I talk about it almost every week at therapy (although at least now I'm at a point where I can talk about it). If I ever see a woman who's taller then me and blonde I make sure I give them a wide berth and I instantly distrust them, even though I know I shouldn't and have no reason to.

I kind of see a bit of myself in Kikuchi, too, as far as being smarter then most of the other students and knowing it. Although I only wish I could be half as arrogant as him.

What about you guys?

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