Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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All of were kids once. Most kids play with toys. So I have to assume most of us once played with toys (yeah, it’s a big assumption). I’ve been thinking about this as my toddler has started playing with a wider variety of toys, particularly action figures. What were your toy mash-ups when you played?

(By the way, the picture isn’t my kid, it’s just a Google image of kids playing with action figures.)


I had a wide variety of action figures, probably mostly from Masters of the Universe, GI Joe and Star Wars lines. I remember when I was young, playing with my He-Man toys, while Peter Venkman was in the middle of the action as “the Royal Ghostbuster” and Leonardo fought Skeletor right along with He-Man. I didn’t care about the differences in figure scales. It was awesome. When I got older, the GI Joes teams up with the Rebel Alliance against the Enpire and Cobra. Also awesome.

What I see with Little Brawl is mashing his different Lego themes together- the Ninja Turtles alongside Spider-Man alongside Batman alongside Emmett and Wildstyle. I also saw him putting Luke Skywalker (a 3.74” figure) in an Iron Man sports car last night.

What about you? And your little ones if you have them?

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