The Legion of Doom (or the Secret Society of Super Villains) are a group of villains who have united together under a single purpose, to destroy the Justice League. They've appeared in many forms in pop culture, from films, parody and music. But what would they be like if you were in charge?

If you were in charge of making a film/TV series or worked on a comic and were asked to reboot the Legion of Doom, who would be in your legion and what would their purpose in the legion be? what are their end goals and what are the agendas of the members? Are they loyal to each other or would they all stab themselves in the back if they had the opportunity?

For me: The league would be a plan forged by Ares to create chaos in order fuel his power and take over the Earth. He tricks Lex Luthor to start the legion with the allure of the knowledge of the gods and power.

Ares, God of War: Founder and secret leader of the Legion
Lex Luthor: Leader, In charge of finances and gadgets
Posion Ivy: In charge of Poisons and Chemical, is secretly trying to take over the legion with Quinn
Harley Quinn: Commander of the goons and street level crime
Prometheus: Tactical and Strategic head, freed and paid by Luthor though not particularly loyal
Cheetah: Joined to use its resources to take revenge on Wonder Woman
Reverse Flash (Daniel West): Speedster and using the league for his own Agenda
Cheshire: Assassin hired by Luthor
Doomsday: Secret weapon and used as a last resort, in restraints most of the time