Have you ever had a dream of going to the cinema and watching your perfect superhero film, with the perfect casting, the perfect plot and your favorite Superhero/s kicking ass. Only then for a hell-beast to attack you, waking up and realizing it was only your cat licking your face?

Most comic book fans and Superhero fans probably have that one film in there heads. That film they would so want to see and blow them away in its gaze. Hell for a lucky few of us, that dream film has already been made.

So what would be your dream Superhero film and if it has already been made, why is it your dream superhero film?

What character/swould you want to see in it and why? Which villains? What would be the plot, would there be a moral? What about tone, what would you want it to be and why? Would it be light and gritty or dark and funny?

Then we come to the technical. What type of music would you like to see, mostly orchestrated, techno or licensed music? What rating would it be and what running time would you like, short or long? Would it be on the visual effect or be mostly practical. What would be the budget?


For me, my dream film would be Batgirl, based off the Cassandra Cain version. The film would have a dark but fun & over the top action film in the same vain of 80s sci-fi like Total Recall and Robocop mixed with anime like Rurouni Kenshin. With a length of about 2 hours, a rating of 15 (an equivalent of an low R in the USA), a mix of orchestrated & synth and mostly practical effects, with a budget of about $45 - 80 million.

The film would be about Cassandra Cain, a near mute Eurasian that finds herself in Gotham, fighting criminals in the streets and living rough. She discovers Barbara Gordon and figures out her secret identity of Oracle and after breaking into her home and proving herself to Barbara, she become her new ward and is trained to become the new Batgirl.


Meanwhile, David Cain, Cassandra's father sends in bounty hunters such as Dead Shot to return her to him. The reason is that Cassandra had been trained since birth to become the perfect assassin and bodyguard for the League of Shadows, but had fled after killing for the first time (something that sickened her greatly).

The film would end in an epic show down between Daughter and Father, David trying to prove every moment that Cassandra is a born killer.

The sequel: Batgirl: Spoiler

Have fun (: