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What Would The Star Wars Universe Look Like 4000 Years After Episode 6?

With the exception of Rebels, none of the new canon material of the Star Wars EU has really wow me. It seems to be just doing things we’ve seen before and it feels like they are restricted in what they can write about by Disney’s dictations. Hopefully, this will improve with Episode 7, but there are some areas that have never been covered, even in the old EU. That being the far future!

Spoilers for new Star Wars material specifically Dark Disciple & Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir. I will also be crapping on both of these books at some point because they are absolutely terrible and deserve it! Lilith, whoever thought these books needed to be canon?!


We’ve seen the reverse and had a look of what the galaxy was like 4000 years in the past with the Knights of the Old Republic era games. But any time we’ve seen the future of Star Wars, it’s either only been a couple of generations or being just 400 years in rather uninspired story. But never far into the future such as 4000 years into the future.

As such, how do you think the Star wars universe would look like 4000 years after the events of episode 6 with the destruction of the second Death Star? How would that Universe look like after millenniums of progress?

How would technology such as space flight, guns and architecture be like after 4000 years of technological advancement? Would the hyper-drives be able to do the Kessel run in under 1.2 parsecs? Or would hyper-drives be old news, with something new and faster replacing it? Would they finally have laser guns that are better than regular guns?

Would humanity still be the dominant race in the Galaxy after thousands of years of being the top dogs, with the other races taking power? Which races would rise and which ones would fall? Would powers like the Hutts still be around and would the outer rim still be poor & weak, or a powerful area of space to rival the older and established powers?


How about the Jedi? Will they go back to the stagnant, corrupt and misinterpret the Jedi code like before the empire. Become paranoid and take extreme measures to make sure the dark side can never rise again? Or become what they were supposed to be and embrace both the light and the dark? Remember, the original code was:


Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

How about non Jedi force users. Would they be allowed to go about their business, or would they be forced to join the Jedi as well as the Jedi being child kidnappers again? How about magick users like the Nightsisters (which we can never use again because for no good reason, they decided to kill both Asajj and Talzin unceremoniously for no good reason because Disney hates creativity and neat ideas), I would love to see more of them given that we know nearly nothing about how magick works or what it can truly do. Personally, if I did a Star Wars film, my main character would be a force magick user like Asajj.


And most importantly, what would be new in that Universe. What would be the things that we have never seen before?

Have fun (:

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