What would you like to hear Londo Mollari from Babylon 5 say?

So... having heard that J. Michael Straczynski wants to do a reboot of Babylon 5, I'm having all kinds of fun doing my Londo voice with things. And I figure I'll make me an audio demo, having already pointed my agent at JMS Productions in hopes I can get a shot at auditioning. So... the question here is, if you could hear Londo read or perform a thing, what would you have him do? Ideas I've already considered:

Pulp Fiction: 'Ezekiel 25:17'

Opening to Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Pandorica Monologue from Doctor Who (Already done by S. McCoy and P. Davison.)

Any other requests/suggestions? I know it's a BIG set of riding boots to fill. And every last person on the internet will go, "Well he's no Peter Jurasik!" I know that going into this. Like James Cawley and the role of Captain Kirk, I'm not gonna worry about that. I'm just gonna try my best to create a character. And maybe go with the idea that what Jurasik did is mostly what Joe might want again in the next two years if he's really aiming to make it happen by 2016. Demo to follow here once I have enough ideas to fill a 3 to 5 min. thing with.