I thought of this during lunch and I’ll break it down as best I can so you all can provide responses.

What current traits, skills, and talents or combination thereof do you possess at present? Going based off those what superpowers or gifts would you realistically think you’d have if you suddenly woke up with them tomorrow? (Just because you want invulnerability doesn’t mean you’d get it.) How would you honestly use them? (Because no, not everyone would or could save the world if they suddenly had the abilities and means to do so.)

So I’ll go first.

Traits/skills/talents: Incredibly quiet, people often forget I’m in a room or hear me approach. Able to disappear in crowds, considering how much I stand out in my appearance (I’m incredibly tall and almost unhealthily skinny and I’ve got a lot of identifying tattoos and scars on my arms, among plenty of other things about my appearance that tend to make me stand out) that’s insane. I’m able to adapt my speech patterns at whim to match those of the people around me. I have this thing where I’m able to note blind spots and security issues in any location very quickly, as well as take note of any and all quick exit points or areas to lose people in with a quick glance. I’m pretty good with technology, I just get it although I can’t say how I can just do that because I have no clue. Just makes sense to me. I also have luck like you wouldn’t believe, although some of you who I’ve lent my luck to might.

Powers based off those traits: The ability to create sound dead zones immediately around myself, as well as focused ones away from myself around objects or others. Chameleon-like abilities, i.e. the ability to rapidly blend into my surrounds (not necessarily full on color changing type stuff). Think something like what happens in Doctor Who when they wear the TARDIS key around their necks, the eye just kinda slides off me. People could see me but I’d fit in so well to whatever or whoever was around me that their eyes would just pass me over, unless I didn’t want them to. Pattern recognition, as it pertains to entry and exit points and security flaws and weaknesses. As well as ability to quickly understand and make use of any technology after a few minutes exposure. I’d likely also have the ability to affect chance and probability, although likely in a manner that directly relates to me. Think “I need this to happen so I can benefit or not get hurt or etc etc etc”.

Realistic use of said powers: I’d be a thief. I would never steal from individuals, but my moral and ethical code would give me no issues with stealing from corporations on a small or large scale. Also, despite always having an interest in espionage and all things related, again, per my own personal code I would never willingly or otherwise work for any nation or government agency. So that’d be a no go on that front, although I’d be more than willing to use said powers/gifts on behalf of myself and my own beliefs to potentially “watch the watchmen”. If I discovered anything that I felt the public should know about I’d share what I found (Daniel Ellsberg, among others, is someone I greatly admire) although it’s just as likely I’d file the information away mentally to make use of later. (See: Blackmail the government into letting me get away with various things or doing favors for me and mine. Because why should the government get to have all the fun keeping tabs on everyone and using it any and all info to their advantage. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.)

So there you have it. What I can currently do, what I’d likely suddenly be able to do, and what I’d do with it.


Now your turn!

And also because this seems like something that I’d do and might also happen to me (the whole hiding in plain sight thing), plus duh Arrested Development, here’s a pic!


On a completely unrelated note

And, because Google I/O is tomorrow and because I know for a fact that unless you own certain Motorola devices you’ve likely not experienced Motorola Spotlight Player (not too mention the distinct lack of a Wednesday Android Update either last week or today), I would like to share an app with you all. Google Spotlight Stories! I highly suggest you all check it out. If for whatever reason you can’t install it from the Play Store then feel free to grab the apk from here


This seems to be a lot like the Motorola Spotlight Player, which means your phone is basically used to view the stories with a slight twist. Moving your phone around you in 360 degrees allows you to roughly interact with the world around you in the stories. It’s pretty neat actually and one of my favorite features of owning a Motorola device. We’ve not had a new story at all since Buggy Night actually, so this may or may not be a continuation of the idea but from Google instead of Motorola this time around.


EDIT. Just FYI, the HELP story appears to be free to download but only for a limited time. So if you’re at all interested in checking it out please download it as soon as you can. The download size is 964 MB though, so keep that in mind if you’re on limited data or a slow connection.


And don’t forget, tomorrow expect an IO related post! Possibly one Friday too if there’s too much worthwhile info to just cover in one day.