Okay, so I said I'd post this yesterday, but I got inebriated relatively early (those of you with exceptionally large and loud families can guess why) and, well, operating everything but my phone and Chromecast became a bit tricky. Lol.

Anyway, there's no real trick to it, so much as I discovered this by accident one drunken Christmas Eve several years ago.

Make a traditional White Russian per any online instructions or your own knowledge/preference. The one thing you're going to change though is the creamer. Instead of using the single serving little ones or milk (as some people prefer) or anything like that, you're going to substitute a very specific one. CoffeeMate French Vanilla. I forget the exact amount (did I mention I discovered this while drunk) but you pour it and it will taste EXACTLY like a vanilla milkshake from Whataburger. If you don't live in or have ever visited Texas or any of the immediately surrounding states then you've likely never had Whataburger. First off, that really sucks for you. Secondly, you need to rectify that. Like stat. And thirdly, the taste reference will be lost on you. But seriously, it will taste just like it.

Have fun! (Also, per my personal preference, I go with vodka that is coal filtered. Brand doesn't really matter, so much as filtering. I do love me some vodka though, even if it doesn't always love me. So at the end of the day, keep one thing in mind, vodka is vodka is vodka.) And safe drinking!