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I just finished Edge of Tomorrow (AKA Live, Die, Repeat, an adaptation of All You Need Is Kill), and I wish I had seen it on the big screen. The movie had the makings of a potential blockbuster. It had Tom Cruise, big action sets, and an early summer release date. So why didn't I watch it? It came out so soon after Tom Cruise's other far-out sci-fi movie Oblivion, which had received lukewarm reactions from critics and the audience alike. It also had a pretentious name, and while that might not have been a problem for most people, no one can doubt that the tagline Live, Die, Repeat as the actual title would've been better at telegraphing the main plot of the movie to the general audience. Of course, the movie's so-so performance could have been due to the magical pre-release forecast that does a pretty good job of making sure that all box office predictions become self-fulfilling prophesies.

In any case, Live, Die, Repeat was a clever action movie with a surprising amount of humanity and practical effects. If you haven't watched it, do so now. Many modern action movies take many visual cues from video games, but fail to make them work, but Live, Die, Repeat takes video game-like plot mechanics and makes a very solid story out of it.


So what movie have you missed in the theaters that you know you should've seen? John Carter (of Mars) was one for me. Its failure is attributed to poorly chosen title and an unfavorable box office forecast. It also might have had to do with the terrible marketing. My most egregious missed opportunity was with the Fellowship of the Ring. I decided to stay home and loaf off instead of watching it with family friends. It's a mistake that I've since corrected when the movie was rereleased in the theaters.

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