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Had a martini with Death's Door gin and Martini and Rossi vermouth

Always looking to upgrade, so I tried some Carpano Bianco vermouth. Did not like it. Did not like it one bit. Much too sweet and floral for a dry vermouth. It gets good reviews, but I am trying to figure out what to do to use up my liter bottle. Maybe Perfect Manhattans, I don't know.


Then a nice Chateau Bernadotte 2003 with maybe the last grilled strip steaks of the season and some oven roasted fingerlings from the last farmer's market of the year. With the wind and cold, the grill only got up to 700 Fahrenheit.

To be followed by all the leftover candy because kids these days can't be bothered to go out in 35 degree weather to trick or treat. When I was a boy we only got candy on Halloween so we went out in two feet of snow! Uphill! Both ways! And we were thankful for the opportunity!

Talk about the wussification of America's youth.

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