A Moscow Mule on this hot, humid day.

I don’t have the copper mugs, so we just chilled some glasses.

2 oz Tito’s Vodka

3 oz Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Juice and shell of half a lime

Sprig of mint (for fun, non-standard)

Lime half in the bottom of the glass, fill it with ice, dump in the vodka, then the lime juice, then the Ginger Beer. Stir, garnish with mint, enjoy.

The Reed’s Ginger Beer that Quasi was using for his Dark and Stormy a few weeks ago is better than the Fever Tree, but this is still good. DO NOT use ginger ale like Canada Dry or Schweppes. I like that stuff as a soft drink, but it is too sweet and does not have enough ginger flavor here.

Then a Lion Stout from Sri Lanka that my wife got me in a “Beer’s of the World” 9 pack from Cost Plus World Market.


The big problem is that I don’t think I have enough booze to get through tonight’s hockey game. I have been nauseous from the start and it is only going to get worse.


Go Blackhawks!