Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

What's Everybody Drinking

I had a Martian Martini.

I used Vya extra dry vermouth which was good.


And St George Terroir. Which was not. At least in this application. I should have learned today: the right tool for the right job.

Don’t get me wrong. It is perfectly fine in a gimlet. But too sweet and floral for a Martian Martini. I prefer the Botanivore if you want to make a Martian Martini with a St George product. Alas, I had no potato based gin.


Then we had Monkfish Provencal for dinner. I love monkfish and I can’t find it very often. They used to call it “poor man’s lobster,” but it isn’t so cheap anymore. We had it with a 2007 Domaine de Fenuillet Beaumes de Venise which was very good.


All while watching The Princess Bride. Which is awesome. I probably shouldn’t go swimming for at least, what? An hour? An hour.


How about the rest of you?

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