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What's Everybody Drinking?

Welcome to a Very Special Episode(tm) of What’s Everybody Drinking?

This week truly sucked. I had to tell patients to stop yelling at my staff, and I spent most of my waking hours reviewing a deposition over and over and over again for a horseshit malpractice case against one of my partners which culminated in an entire day of lost productivity when I had to actually testify in court on Thursday and be grilled by a parasite of an ambulance chaser of a waste of carbon, personal injury lawyer who really doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, but is still managing to cause us all stress. Welcome to Cook County, Illinois! And by the way, Daley Center, would it kill you to put some backs on those benches outside the courtroom? It was almost a relief to be called because I got an actual chair to sit in. And because Mr Bottom Feeder (esq), couldn’t trap me into saying things that weren’t true.


And I’m on call this weekend...But not tonight!

So my answer to the question is “Everything.” But also a Manhattan. Made with Knob Creek 100 proof, Vya sweet vermouth, and Bittercube bitters. And then maybe six or seven other things until I fall asleep on the couch petting the old dog.

Meanwhile, my always low bullshit tolerance is now at undetectable levels. Feel free to console my wife for having to live with me for the last week. I know I did.


How about the rest of you?

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